The Culling 2 Chose a Bad Time to Release, Less Than 250 Players Playing on Steam

The Culling 2 is dead on arrival, it seems. The game may have just picked the worst time to release. Not only did Fortnite’s Season 5 kick off recently, but PlayerUnknown Battleground’s also just got a new update that has left more than a few battle royale fans preoccupied. So, as you’d imagine, The Culling 2 releasing on July 10 has left the game feeling rather empty. So empty in fact that at the moment of writing this article, only two people seem to be playing the game.

The original Culling was released back in October 2016 and was described as a Hunger Games-inspired, first-person shooter that involved crafting and a huge number of weapons for players to choose from. According to the reviews of The Culling 2 however, this game is nowhere near like the original and is being described as a simple ‘cash-grab’ to benefit off the seemingly never-ending battle royale craze.

Yet with a 249 player peak, on Steam anyway, it seems to us that The Culling 2 doesn’t have the numbers to even describe itself as much of a battle royale. In fact, PC Gamer released a video on the game’s launch day that detailed how one of their writers actually won a game without even opening up their parachute. Talk about an easy win.

What’s more, the game’s lack of players can more than likely be reasoned by an oversaturation of battle royale games clogging up the market. With PUBG and Fortnite being the top dogs of the genre, it isn’t any surprise that people are choosing to spend their time and money on the games they know and trust, rather than on something that offers nothing new.

There’s also the fact that The Culling 2 is being sold for a hefty price, a price that many of the reviewers feel is just plain insulting. Considering it’s £17 for a game that barely has a fanbase? We’re inclined to agree with them.