The Culling 2 Developer Says It’s Time to Make ‘Difficult Decisions’

The Culling 2 possibly received the worst reception that a video game has ever received, so it doesn’t surprise us that The Culling 2 developer, Xavient, looks to be making some difficult decisions for the company’s future. This may not come as much of a shock to those who read our article about the complete failure of a launch for the game, but for those who may be looking into getting into the game, take this article as an indicator to second guess that decision.

While you may be wondering what has made the world feel so angry about this game, you can easily find those answers by heading over to The Culling 2’s steam page, where you’ll find more than a hundred reviewers stating exactly what they feel about Xavient’s newest game. Most of their feelings can be summed up into one simple sentence: the game is a cash-grab and has failed to lure in battle royale fans the same way PUBG and Fortnite have.

As we mentioned in our previous article (linked above), the number of players the game has received since its launch doesn’t look pretty either. We hold no doubt in our minds that this poor number, as well as the damning reviews, has made Xavient rethink on what the future of the studio will be. He expresses so in this tweet, and in the tweet below, sums up on how those painstakingly important decisions are going.

As you can see, despite the situation being a rather serious one, Xavient seems to be trying to conquer the negativity through jokes. Which, if you look through the thread of this tweet, has left players of the game feel more than a little unhappy with the laisses-fair attitude from the developer.

What will happen next remains to be seen, but we hope for the players who bought the game, that it’ll be something that made spending their money seem worthwhile.