Fallout 4 Horror Mod Inspired by Kojima’s Cut Silent Hill Game

If there’s one thing that’s for certain, it’s that this Fallout 4 horror mod will be perfect to play come Halloween. Though if you’re that kind of horror fan who lives, breathes, eats and sleeps horror then we can understand why you may want to play it right away. But we warn you, this mod is not for the soft-hearted and if you decide to play with the lights on then we certainly won’t judge you for it.

The mod, created by user Supernath97, is titled ‘Claustrophobia’ and is described as a “fan homage to the canceled Silent Hills game” originally created by Hideo Kojima, as well as being inspired by Resident Evil and Silent Hill 2. All of the games listed above are definitely the sort of games that will make you jump and for your heart to beat faster, so some may be wondering if a series like Fallout will really fit in the horror genre.

However, we’d argue that Fallout 4’s horror is a lot more subtle than fans may give it credit for. Nevertheless, in this mod a new type of horror is tried out and from the number of downloads the mod has received, we’d say it has been quite the success.

Supernath97 describes the mod’s storyline like so:

“The player is drawn to a condemned apartment complex to unveil its long-forgotten story and explore its tight halls filled with unnerving creaks and squeaks. Mannequins somewhat taunt you every corner, walls turn inward and the layout seems impossible to explore.”

We admit that does sound a lot like the Silent Hills demo released. All it seems to be missing is a strange, demon fetus that the player finds in the sink. What’s more, according to VGR, the mod only takes 30 minutes to complete, which gives players plenty of time to check out the mod in-game without spending hours on it.

Unfortunately, the mod is available only on PC and Xbox. Sorry PS4 fans.