Digimon Survive PS4 and Switch Release Date Announced

A brand new Digimon game has just been announced in Japan. Bandai Namco’s Digimon titles have gathered quite the cult following. Players praise their solid RPG gameplay and bright graphics.  Famitsu has now announced Digimon Survive, which will release on PS4 and Nintendo Switch in 2019 in Japan. It sounds brilliantly bonkers, but we haven’t even gotten a look at it yet.

Indeed, Japanese blog ryokutya2089 ran the story, with BlackKite translating some of the key information. Digimon Survive will combine 2D and 3D gameplay in a survival SRPG game setting. Not only that, but it will incorporate point and click gameplay into field investigations somehow. A proper genre mash-up. Sounds good to us so far. Some of the translated text can be seen below:

“New Digimon game for console finally revealed! Digimon Survive, a survival SRPG that combines 2D & 3D with lots of genres coming to PS4 & Switch in 2019… Conversations have 2D images, also have choices that will change [the] story or even evolutions. Seems like [point & click]-style field investigations. Battles are strategy-style with square grids, has Energy as [a] key factor. Protag[onist] is [an] 8th grader with Agumon as [their] partner.”

We don’t know about you, but that sounds bonkers in such a good way. Mixing the likes of Fire Emblem and Ace Attorney, and forcing it under a Digimon banner? This is so wonderfully bananas. Sadly, there is yet no word on Digimon Survive making its way out of Japan. The game has only just been announced, however, without so much as a screenshot. There is plenty of time for any Western release. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about the game soon and get a proper look at it. We know we’d love to see more of this one.

Digimon Survive will hit Japan next year, only on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.