God of War 2 Could be Happening as Sony Santa Monica Reveals New Job Listing

God of War has turned out to be a godly hit for the PS4. It became the fastest-selling PS4 exclusive ever and had the largest console exclusive digital launch of all time. There’s no doubt that a sequel could already have been greenlit and there’s a high chance that it’s probably in development as we speak. There hasn’t been any confirmation yet from Sony Santa Monica, but a new job listing posted yesterday points to plans for a God of War 2.

According to the new job listing, Sony Santa Monica is looking for an “experienced Senior Character Concept artist.” It mentions joining the God of War development team, but it doesn’t specifically state that the new hire would be developing a God of War sequel. However, the job description does contain some big hints. The principal duties of the job require that he or she would work with “Art Directors and Leads to create high-quality characters, gods, creatures, and props.” Creating and designing “gods” is the most blatant clue pointing to a possible God of War 2. What else could it be?

The new hire would also be required to understand the “fundamentals of character design and demonstrate a strong sense of anatomy (human and animal), silhouette, costume design, and visual storytelling.” That could mean more variety of enemies and mythical creatures appearing in what might turn out to be God of War 2. Additionally, the job listing states that it prefers those with experience in developing AAA titles, which means that whatever the project turns out to be, it will likely be a major title.

Keep in mind that this is all speculation at this point, but a God of War 2 is more likely to happen than not. God of War sold approximately 2.1 million digital units at launch, and that’s not counting the sales of physical copies. The first three days of release saw 3.1 million copies sold and it’s not an exaggeration to say that it is possibly the most successful PlayStation exclusive of all time.