dragon Ball Z Season 1 Microsoft Store

Dragon Ball Z Season 1 Microsoft Store Free Giveaway Helps Promote Anime Month

Anime Month is upon us and Microsoft has been celebrating all month with special savings. Although, today’s Dragon Ball Z Season 1 Microsoft Store free giveaway might be the most generous deal of them all. For the low price of nothing, people can go to the Microsoft Store and download all 39 episodes (over 16 hours) of Dragon Ball Z‘s first season in English, which normally costs $29.99. This specific deal lasts until July 24 on the Xbox One, PC, HoloLens, and supported mobile devices.

Although not quite free, some of Dragon Ball Z‘s other seasons are also on sale. People can pick up season two through season five for $10 each. Seasons six through nine are still $29.99. While Dragon Ball is one of the bigger anime series, there are also plenty of other sales on other anime TV shows and movies on the store page. The Anime Month sale ends on July 30.

The Anime Month sale also includes some games.  Ōkami HD, Strider, Stranger of Sword City, Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires, Arslan: The Warriors of Legend, and both Dragon Ball Xenoverse games are on sale on the Xbox One. There are also some Xbox 360 games too on the page and are mostly games from Japan or titles with anime inspiration. Remember Me is also discounted even though it’s only obvious connection to Japan is that Capcom published it.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is, sadly, not part of this promotion. The game has been a huge hit both critically and commercially. It even had the most entries at the annual fighting tournament Evo this year. It has more DLC coming soon too as Vegeta and Base Goku are joining the roster in early August.

Dragon Ball Z originally ran from 1989 to 1996 over 291 episodes. The series follows Goku on his journey to find the seven Dragon Balls. Gathering all seven summons a wish-granting dragon.

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