Total War Rome 2 Rise of the Republic DLC Announced, Coming Next Month

It was only last week that Creative Assembly announced the open beta of a major update for Total War Rome 2. The UK-based developer has also been teasing a new DLC for the five-year-old game, which it has officially announced earlier today. The Total War Rome 2 Rise of the Republic DLC Campaign Pack is already available for pre-order and it will arrive on August 9, 2018.

The last DLC Campaign Pack for Total War Rome 2 was Empire Divided in late 2017, which focused on the year 270 AD. That period of history was also known as the Crisis of the Third Century, a time when the Roman Empire almost fell. However, the upcoming Rise of the Republic DLC will instead focus on the birth of Rome, going as far back as 399 BC. Players will literally be playing through the founding of the what would become the Roman Republic and later the Roman Empire.

It will feature an all-new campaign map, alongside nine playable factions. These include Rome, Tarchuna, Senones, Insubres, Samnites, Taras, Syracuse, Iolei, and Veneti. Interestingly, the Rise of the Republic DLC will also introduce new Government Actions options which will replace the main game’s Change Government system. This will enable players to appoint dictators or consuls as Rome, receive an instant army when they rely on the ancient Ver Sacrum rite as the Samnites and more.

Creative Assembly has confirmed that the Ancestral Update will be released alongside the Rise of the Republic DLC Campaign Pack. It is currently in open beta, but it brings many improvements and updates. It will finally add the Family Tree gameplay mechanic to Total War Rome 2, as well as new Intrigues and several visual improvements. It’s a testament to the studio’s dedication that content is still being developed for a game which originally launched way back in 2013. In the meantime, check out the cinematic trailer below.