Surprise Attack Games Re-branding to Fellow Traveller, Focusing on Weird Narrative Games

Indie publishing label Surprise Attack Games will be re-branding to Fellow Traveller, and is going to focus on funding and supporting “unusual, narrative-focused games.” They’ve also signed In Other Waters and Neo Cab to their label, with a huge celebratory deal coming tomorrow.

Surprise Attack Games, an indie label known for publishing Orwell and Hacknet, has announced that they’ll be changing up their whole shtick. Not only are they focusing on funding, supporting, and publishing “unusual, narrative-focused games,” but they’ve also announced a change of name. Surprise Attack Games is no more, now they’re called Fellow Traveller.

Surprise Attack Games was founded in 2011 by former THQ executive Chris Wright as an indie games marketing consultancy. Over the years they evolved into a publishing label, and have overseen a variety of games, including the aforementioned Orwell and Hacknet, as well as Screencheat, an FPS where everyone is invisible so you have to screen watch to find out where they are. The revamp comes with their 5th anniversary celebrating the move to publishing.

Now Fellow Traveller, they’ve already made a lot of progress in their big move towards a weird narrative game niche, focusing “entirely on working with developers that are pushing the boundaries of what games can be and exploring new ways for the medium to approach narrative,” according to a press release. They’ve signed sea exploration game In Other Waters and cyberpunk cab driver game and E3 highlight Neo Cab to their label, and have also brought The Stillness of the Wind, VR echolocation game Blind, and Genesis Noir, a noir game set before, after, and during the big bang, into their fold.

To celebrate, there’s a huge sale on from July 24 to July 30 on all of their published games, with some going for up to 80% off, like Hacknet. Official times for each distribution platform will vary, but keep your eyes peeled for when those times are confirmed.