The Walking Dead’s Skybound Partners With Sky to Develop Narrative-Focused Mobile Games

Skybound Entertainment is best known for owning The Walking Dead IP, which has been adapted into successful TV shows and games like Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead series. This time around, the company will be delving into developing more narrative-focused mobiles games based on new and existing IP, in a partnership with European studio Sky. A new joint venture company has been formed for this purpose, and it’s been given the name Skybound Stories.

According to, Skybound Stories will work towards developing mobiles games where the main focus will be on narrative episodic formats and employ a heavy emphasis on choices made by players. This would be very familiar to gamers who are already fans of Skybound’s work with Telltale Games, which includes not only the aforementioned The Walking Dead series but also the equally popular The Wolf Among Us.

These mobiles games developed by Skybound Stories will be based on both new and existing IPs. Although Skybound has not revealed which IPs will be adapted from, it’s likely that IPs like The Walking Dead will stay with Telltale Games for now. Let’s not forget that Sky has original TV productions of its own, which include the likes of the historical fiction Britannia and period drama Babylon Berlin.

An example of what to expect would probably be Telltale Games’ deal with HBO for 2014’s Game of Thrones. Besides that, Skybound Entertainment also has other IPs prime for being adapted into mobile games. These include the fantasy comic book Birthright or the superhero comic book Invincible. Sky Managing Director of Content Gary Davey even calls this new venture the “comic books for the iPhone generation.”

In other related news, Skybound Entertainment announced last month that it has formed a new division called Skybound Games. This new studio will focus on publishing titles for indie and third-party developers. It has since published one game earlier this month, which was the physical retail version of The Long Dark.