Microsoft Revenue Tops $10 Billion and Xbox Live User Numbers Revealed

Microsoft has recently revealed its earnings for the fourth fiscal quarter and revealed that their revenue was fantastic last year. The company reported gaming revenues of $10.35 billion, which is 14% more than they reported last year. It also reported a large increase in active Xbox Live users.

With over 57 million active users on their online gaming service, Microsoft has seen a 4 million active user increase from the previous quarter. However, this does not match its 59 million active user peak they had in Q2 and Q3 last year.

Specifically, in this quarter, Microsoft has earned $2.28 billion in gaming revenues. This sees its profits in the gaming market increase by $1.64 billion compared to this quarter last year. While the total profits from its gaming division had a $9.05 billion from last year. By looking at its heir competitor’s numbers, we can see that the company is in a solid second place. Sony earned more than Microsoft, reporting the fiscal earnings for its gaming division at ¥1.94 trillion ($17.29 billion). While Nintendo has earned ¥1.06 trillion ($9.7 billion) in the last fiscal year.

Microsoft also stated that Xbox-specific revenue was up 36%, which it primarily attributed “primarily to the performance of third-party releases.” It is also interesting to note that the company itself as a whole is doing really well, reporting that company-wide revenues were up 14% to $110.36 billion.

This is all quite fascinating to see considering that the gaming fandom, on the whole, perceives Microsoft as being the loser of this generation. However, as you can see with their earnings it is doing quite well for itself. It could honestly be its efforts to change its public image from the disaster the company had at the Xbox One’s launch that has led to this.

But what do y’all think? Is this a temporary change in Microsoft’s gaming fortunes? Or has the tech giant finally started to change its fate? Sound off in the comments below!