Overwatch League Stats Accidentally Leaked

The Overwatch League app recently updated with a feature where you could take a deep dive into the e-sport’s statistics. But the catch is that this was completely by accident. Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer gave a statement on the accidental release:

“In a recent update to our mobile products, we unintentionally deployed access to an expanded stats API in the code. You guys are on the ball and quickly discovered it. While we appreciate the enthusiastic response, that content was not intended for public consumption at this time, and we’re going to turn it back off. We will continue to provide stats on OverwatchLeague.com and the Overwatch League app, and we’re working to improve all aspects of the fan experience in the future. We appreciate your passion and patience throughout this process!”

But what did the update include? One of the leaked features was being able to see detailed stats for maps. You could see how each team members’ contributions to eliminations, deaths, damage, and healing. Interestingly this accidental update also allowed fans to take a deep dive into the app’s API. This allowed them to see critical hits, damage, damage taken, defensive assists, final blows, objective kills, objective time, offensive assists, ultimates earned, shots fired, and shots hit.

This all allowed players to make some fun tools and bots from it all. For instance, fans were able to finally determine who the best Widowmaker player is in the league. But now that this stat update has been rolled back, fans will probably never be able to these kinds of deep statistics again.

So what do you all think? Are these statistics going to help you be better at matches or more interested in Overwatch League? Or does all these numbers give you a headache? Sound off in the comments below!