Astro Bot Rescue Mission Release Date Announced, Promises 26 VR Levels

PlayStation’s cute little robot Astro Bot, is jumping into PSVR as the Astro Bot Rescue Mission release date has been confirmed for October. The upcoming VR platformer, which is exclusive to PSVR, will feature 26 levels, huge bosses, and a bit of humor.

The information comes from a PlayStation Blog post by creative director and producer of Sony Japan Studio, Nicolas Doucet. In Rescue Mission, you take control of Astro, who is the captain of a spaceship searching for his lost crew members. The game will feature 26 levels that will apparently take the platforming genre to “new heights” with 360-degree VR gameplay.

Video game collectors will be happy, as the game will have a physical and digital release. The game will cost you $39.99 and pre-orders open today. People who pre-order Rescue Mission will receive a few extras, which include: four Astro Bot avatars, a dynamic theme and a digital version of the game’s full soundtrack.

PlayStation also released a trailer for Astro Bot Rescue Mission, where some gameplay is shown and Doucet shares some more information about how the game plays. In Rescue Mission, you can move your head to headbutt in the game and doing this can create platforms for Astro to go on. You won’t be just pressing buttons in Rescue Mission, as you can unlock gadgets using the controller on the screen. You can shoot shurikens to attack enemies but they can also be shot into surfaces where Astro will be able to traverse and progress.

PSVR launched in 2016 during a time where several other companies were releasing VR headsets. The PSVR was the cheapest VR headset on the market and it has sold relatively well. As of December 2017, PSVR sales have reached 2 million. There have been many PSVR games and standard PS4 titles that have VR capability. One of the most impressive PSVR experiences is Resident Evil 7. Playing without VR is terrifying but with a PSVR headset on, the horror and tension are amplified.

Astro Bot Rescue Mission will require PSVR in order to play and will be available on PS4 on October 2 in North America and October 3 for Europe.