Fallout Speedrunner Completes All Main Titles in Under 90 Minutes

Lately gamers just don’t have the time to play the games they want to, but this Fallout speedrunner seems to laugh in the face of adversity and has managed to not only complete Fallout 1, but also 2, 3, New Vegas and 4, all under the time of 90 minutes. Considering you can spend hours upon hours in each game, exploring to your heart’s content, we’re completely shocked that this speedrunner has managed to complete all the main games in such little time.

The speedrunner, tomatoanus, posted his record-breaking run up on YouTube which he completes in 1 hour, 29 minutes and 47 seconds. According to the speedrunner website, speedrun.com, this is the fastest attempt ever made in completing all of the Fallout games and so, in our opinion, deserves more than a round of applause. Even with the questionable username.

This speedrun was performed on PC, on easy mode and in the “any%” category, which allows the use of glitches. Some fans may feel as though the use of glitches takes away the spectacular element of these speedruns, but as tomatoanus states in his FAQ, “you should check out speedrun.com for glitchless runs.”

Other interesting pieces of information in the FAQ explained some of the more confusing practices that viewers saw in the speedrun, including the use of Italian for Fallout: New Vegas. According to tomatoanus the use of Italian is due to it being the fastest language for the game by four seconds, and “the time difference is during Doc Mitchell’s opening dialogue, which cannot be skipped” unlike other dialogue in the game.

The speedrunner is known for his impressive Fallout speedruns, but will this be the very last we see of him now that he has the record? Apparently not if Fallout 76 has a story mode, which it has every chance of having. If that’s the case, will we see yet another attempt at this anthology speedrun?