Fallout Todd Howard Mod Lets You Crucify Its Creator

Fallout Todd Howard mod lets you crucify the game’s director alongside Bethesda’s VP of Global Marketing Pete Hines in Fallout: New Vegas. Fans of the Fallout series of games are always up for a good joke and a recent mod by Keylancer13 and Rexus3 on NexusMods might take things a little too far. The “Crucified Degenerates” mod is a simple enough affair, swapping out a couple of unimportant crucified NPCs with two of the more well-known executives at Bethesda. This Fallout Todd Howard mod lets players get a bit of virtual revenge on two of the franchise’s more prominent public figures.

The Fallout Todd Howard mod adds Mr. Howard to a location in Cottonwood Cove. Mr. Hines is placed elsewhere in the game at Nipton. Both of these locations are held by Caesar’s Legion, a faction in Fallout: New Vegas that emulates ancient Roman culture in many respects. One of the practices that they bring to the future apocalypse is that of crucifixion, a painful (and often fatal) method of torture where the condemned are hung from their arms on a cross-shaped pole.

An alternate version of the Fallout Todd Howard mod replaces Mr. Howard with Emil Pagliarulo, the lead writer and lead designer of Fallout 3. The plot of Fallout 3 is a contentious subject in the community, especially due to the ending of the main storyline which railroads players into a situation that could have been solved in a number of other ways.

Installation of the Fallout Todd Howard mod is relatively straightforward. Fans making use of mod managers like Nexus Vortex or Mod Manager 2 simply need to download the 7zip and add its normal. Those who prefer the manual experience will just have to drop a single .esp file into their data file and add it into their load order.

While Keylancer13 certainly enjoys the popularity his mod has received after a little more than a month on the Nexus, he would much prefer that “an actual quest mod with work put into it” gets a little attention. He asks that players take a look at the Sympathy for the Devil mod, a “semi-serious” mod that has players deciding whether or not to save a group of soldiers trapped in a perilous situation.

[via Ostrog]