Doom 32x Soundtrack Has Been Compared to Farts and Now We Can’t Hear Any Different

Some people truly do have a talented ear when it comes to listening to music, and fans, though we hesitate to call them that, of the Doom 32x Soundtrack are no exception to that. For those who aren’t aware, Doom was ported to the Sega Genesis back in 1996, but because of the awful use of the YM2612 FM synthesis chip in the Genesis the soundtrack came out sounding inferior to that of the previous versions. It also affected sound effects in the game too, with many of them going missing.

Which brings us to the discovery someone made on ResetEra. Thanks to the original poster, a version of the Doom 32x soundtrack ‘At Doom’s Gate’ was posted but was then pointed out to be a parodied version of the original track. The original track was then posted, but if we’re being honest with each other, it doesn’t sound all that different.

So what is the issue here? Well, as the original poster pointed out, listening to the soundtrack really puts a whole other meaning into ‘rip and tear’. Check the original soundtrack down below if you don’t believe us, and if you’re as immature as some of us, try not to bust a gut while listening to it. You can also listen to the parody version of the soundtrack here, which is ridiculously entertaining.

As mentioned above, Doom’s port onto the Sega Genesis was met with many problems even without including the sound’s issues. There were missing enemies such as the Cyberdemon, Spectre, and Spiderdemon and there was no way to save the game at all which could prove particularly frustrating to some gamers. Thankfully you could access all 15 levels at once without having to make your way through them chronologically, but we have to admit that it doesn’t seem all that fun just being able to ‘have’ all the levels the moment you play.

What are your thoughts on the port and this beautiful, farting soundtrack? Let us know in the comments below.