John Cena Tells a Reporter’s Son to Take a Break From Fortnite

There isn’t a day that goes by Fortnite doesn’t get mentioned as being addictive, but now even John Cena is getting in on the action and has a special message: take a break. Cena has been a wrestling star since the year of 1999, but that hasn’t stopped him from branching out and doing other things. For example, the star is set to appear in the Transformers spin-off film about the loveable Bumblebee.

During an interview for the film, a reporter from JoBlo Movie Trailers asked a few questions about the film. However, these were not the only questions he had for the star and while the interview is brief, it got to the real heart of Fortnite’s addictiveness in just under a minute. In the interview, the reporter convinces Cena to give him some advice on taking a break from Epic Game’s well-loved battle royale game.

Cena takes the question in his stride and looks straight into the camera, giving that great stare off that he was known for during his early years of WWE. He says, “Dash (the boy’s name). Seriously. It’s John Cena. Do me a favor. Take a break from Fortnite, alright? Just a small break. I’m not asking you off completely. I’m just like, let’s wean ourselves off to, I dunno, eight hours a day. Is that fine?”

He continues, “Are you agreeing to this? By watching this video, you enter an agreement to reduce your Fortnite presence. All right, thank you. Thank you very much.” The reporter then indicated his thanks and the interview continued.

So not only did John Cena just tell anyone called Dash off for playing Fortnite, but he did it while being interviewed for a blockbuster hit. Talk about class. That said, we do wonder whether the reporter’s son will pay any attention or whether Cena’s speech was all in vain.

Alas, we may never know.

Image Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr