Rocket League Crate Item Drop Rate Explained by Psyonix

Ah, Rocket League. I’ll never tire of your fast-paced gameplay, servers full of angry teenagers or unfair loot boxes. Rocket League is a fantastic game that can easily fill an hour of your day with some good old fun, but its loot crates have always seemed a touch unfair. It has always seemed very difficult to actually get any particularly rare items from your loot crates and skins. Now, we have official word from Psyonix that the Rocket League loot crate system does indeed have an item drop rate. It is quite unlikely to unlock the rarest of items.

Loot crates have been making the news a lot this year. We’ve seen bans in Belgium and the Netherlands, for example. The likes of Star Wars Battlefront 2 have also struggled hugely because of unfair loot crates. At least in Rocket League, anything you get from loot crates is purely cosmetic. For those unaware, Rocket League loot crates are occasionally awarded upon completing a match online. There are dozens of different loot crates in the game. Each type awards different items, naturally. To unlock the juicy items within, you need to purchase a key. One key will unlock one loot crate and reward you with just one item. People have spent tonnes on Rocket League trying to get the item they want.

Ever since the introduction of loot crates way back in September 2016, people have been wondering exactly what the drop rate it. Psyonix, in an attempt to be more transparent, have today revealed that the drop rates have stayed the same since the beginning, and are as follows:

  • Rare Item: 55%
  • Very Rare Item: 28%
  • Import Item: 12%
  • Exotic Item: 4%
  • Black Market Item: 1%
  • Painted Attribute: 25%
  • Certified Attribute: 25%

“Our Crate system uses a three-step process. When you open a Crate with a Key or Decryptor, the system first determines what rarity level to choose from — Rare, Very Rare, Import, Exotic or Black Market — based on the percentages listed above. Next, the system determines which item within that rarity group is dropped. If you’re receiving an Import-level Customization Item from the Impact Crate, for example, each of the three Import items in the Impact Crate have an equal chance of dropping. Finally, the system determines if the item will drop with Painted and/or Certified attributes.”

Hopefully, that clears up everything about the Rocket League loot crate system. The new Rocket League Rocket Pass might help more people to get the items they want, too.

Anyone up for a game?