Boundless MMO PS4 and PC Release Date and Cross-Play Announced

Square Enix Collective has confirmed that the Boundless release date will be September 11. Boundless is a sandbox MMO developed by UK studio Wonderstruck where you explore planets and create societies that are entirely player-run, and it’ll be releasing on PC and PS4 with cross-play.

In June, we discovered that planet-hopping sandbox Boundless MMO was being signed with the Square Enix Collective for its PC release. Today, we know that the PC and PS4 versions will be launching on September 11. “With our full launch in September, we’re excited to see where [players] take the full game,” said James Austin, director of developer Wonderstruck. “Especially given that PC and PS4 gamers will all be operating within the same space, crafting and creating with each other within the same worlds.”

The primary selling point of Boundless is that most everything in the game is player-run: settlements are built by players, the economy is affected by players, government structures are dictated by players, and so on. Square Enix felt that cross-platform play was important to this ethos, which is why, whether you’re on PC or PS4, everyone shares the same universe. “To play together was always vital,” said Phil Elliot, director of indie publishing at Square Enix West. “You do it in a single, unsharded universe in full view of the entire player-base.”

Another rather unique aspect of the Boundless MMO is that despite exploring multiple planets, there isn’t any space travel. Instead, you look up into the sky at a planet you’d like to explore, and create a portal there, connecting it to one where you currently are. This allows you to jump seamlessly from planet to planet, without the risk of crashing or getting lost after jumping into a cruiser.

You can play the full release of the Boundless MMO when it comes to PC and PS4 on September 11. If you’re a little eager, however, it’s also in Early Access on Steam.