The Avengers Game Is Probably Going to Be a Live Service

Crystal Dynamics has just gone live with an interesting job posting. Likely to do with its upcoming The Avengers Project for Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics is looking for an experienced data scientist. The new data scientist will work alongside the production, marketing, community, and engineering teams. Any data scientist offered the job will be working with live details of stats regarding AI, player behavior, and player acquisition. It sounds like the upcoming The Avengers game will be some kind of live service.

While most games will require some level of live data tracking in order to put in quality future updates and the like, it sounds like this new Avengers game could perhaps be an always-online experience. The job offer certainly makes it sound like live elements will play their part, anyway. Why else would they be hiring for someone to constantly track player behavior and AI?

Perhaps the most interesting part of the job listing is this:

“The Data Scientist will be responsible with using big data, machine learning tools, and visualization techniques to find consistent patterns and correlations that will help drive our KPIs with respect to player acquisition, retention and e-commerce.”

This certainly suggests that the upcoming Crystal Dynamics The Avengers game will be a live service of some kind. Why else would they bother particularly about player retention or acquisition? It’s sounding awfully like The Avengers will offer some kind of online mode. Maybe it will be similar to something like Destiny 2? Who knows. Hopefully, we learn more about Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic’s The Avengers game soon. We all want to know more about it!

As it stands all we have to go on is still the original teaser. We don’t even know what consoles The Avengers will appear on, let alone know the release date.