No Man’s Sky Update Erases Saves, Fix Incoming

No Man’s Sky‘s recent update has been causing issues for players who downloaded the highly anticipated addition to the game. Despite it being praised for its radical change of the game, the update is deleting many players’ progress. Hello Games has promised since this issue has happened that they will fix it as soon as possible.

After some players had updated their copy of the game, across all platforms, their progress had been wiped. They are finding that the saves are still recorded in menus with their hours played being accurate. However, when they boot the save, players are thrown back into the beginning of the game. Loading from any previous save also does not seem to fix the issue. PC players did initially find a workaround which involved editing the save file itself, however, this fix is not able to be done on consoles due to various restrictions on the platforms.

However, No Man’s Sky players should not despair, as Hello Games have started to fix the issue:

This does mean that PC players will get an update ASAP, but console players may have to wait a little while to be able to play their saves again.

This is quite disheartening to hear considering the change in fortunes the game has had through its NEXT update. This does seem to just be a small blip for the game since fixes are already incoming and Hello Games’ reputation is recovering to a certain extent due to the update’s impressive changes.

So what do you think? Is this ruining your potentially recovering relationship with the game? Or is it only a small issue that won’t harm? Sound off in the comments below!