No Man’s Sky Steam Reviews Jump From “Negative” to “Mixed”

Back when No Man’s Sky released in 2016 it was hit with the lowest reviews that has ever graced Steam. In fact, the No Man’s Sky steam page had so many bad reviews on it that it would be shocking to even find a positive, green review in a sea of red. Not only was the game considered bad, but ‘fans’ took the No Man’s Sky reviews to social media and caused a storm that nobody could have seen coming. Ever since the release, people still wonder what went wrong for the game to end up so badly.

However, ever since No Man’s Sky NEXT was released yesterday on July 24th, it seems as though it’s developer Hello Games has finally turned people’s opinion around on the action-adventure sci-fi game. And for the better. Not only have the recent reviews (2,174) been positive, but the fantastic feedback seen in reviews has changed the mostly negative reviews to ‘mixed.’

This information was shared by a pleased Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games:

Considering the game was one of the lowest-rated games on Steam back in October 2016, with one of the sharpest declines we’ve ever seen that wasn’t The Culling 2, the fact it has done so well in such a short amount of time is nothing short of extraordinary. Previously the game was ridiculed due to ‘false advertising’, however now the game includes all that it promised and much more — including a reliable multiplayer that allows you and your friends to explore together.

If you ask us, the team deserves all of the applause for the hard work they’ve put into creating a game that will no doubt be remembered for more positive reasons now.

That said, if you’re looking for more No Man’s Sky information, don’t hesitate to look at our Guides section in case you’re in need of an extra helping hand. After all, switching from first-person and third-person camera is harder than you’d think.