PUBG Creator Speaks out About Custom Servers Paywall: We Can’t Provide Free Servers

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you may have heard about PUBG custom servers being ‘locked’ behind a paywall or two. It’s caused more than a few players in the community to feel pretty frustrated ever since the beta announcement was made, and understandably so. However, PUBG creator Brendan ‘PUBG‘ Greene has his own thoughts about the criticism, and it may only make players feel even worse.

Speaking in an interview with PCGamersN just before PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin, Greene confirmed that custom servers will indeed be locked and follow a structure similar to that of ARMA 3. Custom servers allow players to experiment with game modes, often creating maps and scenarios that will enhance gameplay and create memories between players.

Talking more about the situation, Greene said, “This is something I really feel the need to address. I was a modder for many years, and I didn’t expect ARMA to provide me with free servers to mod on, and it’s the same with this. We can’t provide people with free servers. There has to be a way to pay for servers through some sort of wall – either points, BP or money.”

He continued, “We just can’t provide free servers for everyone, it’s just not a sustainable business model. I still pay for ARMA 3 servers to this day, because that’s just how the world works.”

The response from Greene will no doubt leave more than a few fans feeling frustrated, but perhaps the PUBG creator has a point, because as Greene himself points out, “sales of a game can only last you so long”. That said, the custom games have been left in the hands of the players as the development team is happy to see what the players cook up, but with the community in conflict over custom games, will there be much success?

That remains to be seen.