PUBG PS4 Release Date Reportedly Leaked

A PUBG PS4 release date has seemingly been confirmed. It seems as though we’ll be playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PS4 as soon as next month if rumors are to be believed. This would place the PS4 release date of PUBG at almost exactly a year after it became a timed exclusive on Xbox One.

PUBG has been an Xbox One console exclusive for as long as it has been available. You can also play it on PC and smartphones currently, but the battle royale mega-hit has never made its way over to the PS4. This looks like changing in as little as a month, however. A recent Korean rating board outed the PS4 port back in September, but no official word has been said since. Thanks to PSNProfiles, however, we know that PUBG is likely on the way to PS4 soon.

As per the post in question, user whose name is totally NSFW says that “It’s confirmed that PUBG is coming to PS4. it’s in my PS4 Game Database. Don’t know when it’s coming out, but it’s already on Sony servers, hosting the game image and Content-ID for the PSN store.” Alongside this, the user also supplied the Content-ID for the North American and European PSN Store, which are as follows:

  • NA: UP5082-CUSA14081_00-BATTLEGROUNDS000
  • EU: EP5262-CUSA14085_00-BATTLEGROUNDS000

Video game analyst ZhugeEX took to ResetEra to explain that a December release date goes in line with what they have heard. ZhugeEX simply says “it’ll be out next month, yeh.” Eurogamer, too, “understands [the December release date] to be true.”

Before you get your hopes up, however, we have to throw in a disclaimer here. Without official word from the game’s developer, we cannot confirm a December release date for PUBG on PS4. As usual, take the rumors with a grain of salt, and stick to GameRevolution for all things PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds. We’ll let you know when PUBG hits PS4 as soon as we know.