Star Trek Online Receiving Star Trek Discovery Expansion Later This Year

Star Trek Online will be receiving a new expansion pack later this year, one that is inspired by the Star Trek Discovery TV show. Star Trek Online Age of Discovery will be the fifth expansion released for the MMO to date, after Legacy of Romulus, Delta Rising, Agents Of Yesterday and Victory Is Life. This will be the first time that the game will be adapting material from a currently ongoing Star Trek TV show.

Star Trek Online Age of Discovery is set in the year 2256, after the events of the Battle of The Binary Stars which occurred earlier in Season One of the TV show. Players will be able to create a new captain to use in the time period and even work together with Cadet Sylvia Tilly, whom fans will recognize from the TV show. To make things even more authentic, Mary Wiseman will be reprising her role from the TV show, as she will be voicing Cadet Tilly in Star Trek Online.

The upcoming expansion will also feature a brand new tutorial tailor-made for the specific Star Trek Discovery timeline, two episodes, a new Task Force operation and an update to the Star Trek Online reputation system. The PC version of Star Trek Online will be receiving the Age Of Discovery expansion this fall, while its PS4 and Xbox One counterparts will be receiving it later this year.

It’s a good time to be a Star Trek fan, Trekkie, Trekker, or whatever we call ourselves. Star Trek Online has already adapted familiar faces and storylines from past Star Trek TV shows, like the Temporal Cold War from Star Trek Enterprise, introducing the Dominion from Star Trek Deep Space Nine and much more. Earlier in May 2018, Ubisoft’s Star Trek Bridge Crew also received its first DLC featuring content adapted from Star Trek The Next Generation, including the opportunity to explore the interior of the iconic USS Enterprise-D.