EA Teases New Game from Halo Co-Creator

Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgesen has teased a new game from the studio headed by Halo’s co-creator. EA acquired Alex Seropian’s mobile game studio Industrial toys earlier this year. During the initial purchasing of the developer, EA said that Industrial Toys will work on “bringing new game concepts to life”.

Jorgesen added further during Electronic Arts’ earnings call that the project is “innovative” and that it  will release in the”next couple of years.” He further added that:

“I won’t yet tell you what they’re working on but you will see something in the next couple of years coming out of that studio that we think is pretty innovative in the mobile space…So we’re very excited.”

EA initially stated that they purchased Industrial Toys because they were impressed by the developer’s previous work. Its previous work includes Midnight Star and Midnight Star: Renegade and the studio’s aims are to make “mobile games for core gamers.” After Seropian left Bungie, he also worked at Wideload Games and lead Disney’s game division where he oversaw many projects such as the failed Pirates of the Caribbean: Armada of the Damned that was extremely ambitious but was canceled back in 2010He then established Industrial Toys in 2012 after leaving Disney’s gaming division.

This could be a rather interesting project considering the pedigree of the studio. They have worked on mobile FPS games prior to this project that has received generally positive reviews. Add to that Seropian’s experience with the genre and we could be in for a good time. But considering Electronic Arts’ previous record with mobile games, it could be a horrendous mess of microtransactions.

But what do you think? Are you excited for the Halo creator’s new project under EA? Or do you think Electronic Arts are going to fumble this as well? Sound off in the comments below!