Raikou is Coming Back to Pokemon GO

Niantic announced Pokemon Go is getting a legendary return next month. The electric generation two legendary Pokemon Raikou is coming back to the AR mobile game. Players will need to complete new Field Research activities to get the chance to capture the thunderous pokemon.

Niantic tweeted out on the 26th of July that with the new month, new Field Research will be coming to Pokemon Go, with the legendary Raikou being the ultimate reward for players’ efforts.

In the tongue-in-cheek post, Niantic stated that Pokemon trainers will need to complete tasks based on Electric-type Pokemon. Once they have completed enough of these tasks, they will get the chance to capture Raikou. The legendary Pokemon was available last year via raid battles, however, this will give players of the massively popular game another chance to capture it in a less stressful situation. Compared to raids, Field Research tasks players with objectives that center more around exploration and capturing and so would not need to enter a harsh battle with other players and strong pokemon for this electrifying reward.

This is the second of Pokemon Go‘s special events revolving around Field Research, replacing an event based around the legendary Pokemon Mew. It’s a rather odd choice to make for the second big event for the game, but presumably, Raikou is popular enough within the fandom for Niantic to skip over a few more well-known Pokemon for it.

But what do you think? Are you going to try to catch the lighting fast Pokemon? Or do you think its a bit of a flash in the pan? Sound off in the comments below!