The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit Puts You Behind a DIY Wheel

The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit was announced by Nintendo for release this fall. This collection of cardboard, labeled Toy-Con 03, lets you build controls for a set of vehicles you can control on the Switch. Just like the first two Labo kits, you just plop your Joy-Con controllers in the right place, and suddenly you’ve got a whole new peripheral at your fingertips.

When the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit launches, it’ll come with a physical copy of the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit software, string, grommets, rubber bands, and a ton of cardboard. There are three different contraptions you can assemble, each of which controls a different kind of vehicle.

A set of pedals and a steering wheel will let you drive a car or buggy, and a flight stick lets you take to the air in an airplane. There’s also a control panel that enables you to become the navigator on your very own submarine.

The announcement trailer shows off a bit of the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit software, and it looks pretty amazing. You get to take control of a vehicle that changes form when you switch the Joy-Con into one of the three contraptions. Slide it into the steering wheel and your vehicle changes to a car. Slot it into the flight stick, and you can take to the air. It looks to be even more dynamic than the first two Toy-Con sets, and I’m eager to see how Nintendo implements it down the road.

It seems like a no brainer to make the Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit compatible with other software. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe would be a perfect game to have a steering wheel for, and can you imagine a sequel to Diddy Kong Racing where you could switch between all three? You can get your hands on The Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit when it releases on September 14, 2018.