Genital Jousting’s Sales Are Not Flaccid

The extremely NSFW party game Genital Jousting has been reported to be selling well. Initially being reported as selling 354,139 copies, Devolver Digital tweeted out that the very phallic game has sold 360,778 copies. This number was given in response to a tweet discussing an interview done with one of the creators of the game.

Gential Jousting has been an absolute hit thanks to its juvenile penile gameplay. Players are thrust into the role of various colored penises, well, jousting against each other. It was put up in early access in 2016 and was a massive hit thanks to social media attention the game has gotten through its hilarious gameplay. In fact, based on Steam achievements, according to Resetera, the game has more likely sold 375,882 copies in the two years since it was let loose into the world.

The game even has a single-player mode which comments upon modern manhood, whilst you play as a sentient floppy johnson. But apart from its inherent silliness, in an interview, the creators said that Christmas and Valentines Day sales certainly helped with the game’s popularity, but that they were initially worried that Steam would not be happy with the game’s overt-sexual imagery.

But quite honestly, it’s nice to see this news. Not only is the fact a small indie early-access game doing rather well, but it is one expressly about sexuality. It is hilarious to see a bunch of floppy dongs flapping about, but I think that a game being so open about sexuality doing well is a good sign. Especially after the recent issues the platform has been having with its content.

But what do you think? Are you happy to hear that the game isn’t having a hard time? Or do you really not care less about a bunch of dicks? Sound off in the comments below!