Reigns: Game of Thrones Trailer Reveals Launch Date

In one of the smartest gaming crossovers since Jason got his own spin on Left 4 Dead, the kingdom of Westeros is getting the Reigns treatment. Reigns Game of Thrones brings the simplistic swiping gameplay to HBO’s breakout fantasy series. Coming on October 18 to Android, iOS, and PC for $3.99, the game challenges you with ruling from the Iron Throne as a host of characters from the show. Regardless if Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen take up the crown, you’ll get unique events that tie into each character’s story.

Game of Thrones fans won’t just be able to play through the legends of their favorite characters. They’ll also be able to play out alternative scenarios to what happens on the show. Would things be the same if the Red Wedding had turned out differently? What would become of Sansa Stark marrying Jaime Lannister? What if Hodor climbed onto a dragon and terrorized the countryside? OK, maybe not that last one, but the possibilities are yours to mess around with.

Reigns: Game of Thrones is a fully fledged sequel to 2016’s original and 2017’s Reigns: Her Majesty. New mechanics are thematically appropriate, such as the ability to kill characters you’ve grown bored of on a whim. Prevent your least favorite death or break another fan’s heart by tearing a character card in two. You can also spend time off the throne by participating in minigames like jousting and tavern brawls.

No matter what you partake in, everything plays out via the game’s minimalist art style. While that hasn’t changed, the soundtrack does get an upgrade thanks to a score by Game of Thrones composer Ramin Djawadi, who was also behind films such as Pacific Rim, Warcraft, Iron Man, and more. The game is coming out courtesy of developer Nerial and publisher Devolver Digital.