EVE Online Creators Developing an Action MMO

EVE Online developers CCP Games are developing a new game. In a blog post discussing the developer’s usage of Unreal Engine Engine 4, the developers revealed that their London based arm of the studio is developing a brand new game. The blog post states:

” ‘Working with Epic Games using their engine source code, which is open to all Unreal developers, is great for both AAA and indie studios alike, thanks to the huge amount of support options available,’ said James Dobrowski, Executive Producer on the unannounced action-MMO being created at CCP London.”

The large majority of the blog post is discussing how CCP Games’ unannounced titles will all be exclusively developed using Unreal Engine 4 moving forward. Apart from the fact that fact that the game will be an “action MMO” as well as being developed by CCP London, no other details are available for the new game such as when it is coming out, on what platforms, as well as if it will be within the EVE universe.  Considering the fact that they are working with Epic Games via its engine, it could be presumed that the game could be a Battle-Royale game since Fortnite is indeed an action-MMO of sorts developed by the owners of the Unreal Engine; but that is quite frankly wild speculation on my behalf.

This won’t inhibit the development of EVE Online, however, as the main branch of CCP Games that work on it is based out of Reykjavik. In addition to this unannounced title and its currently running MMO, the Icelandic developers are also working on an EVE Online-inspired multiplayer shooter called Project Nova and a mobile game called Eve: War of Ascension. 

But what do you think? Would you be interested in this new game from CCP Games? Or does it not sound at all interesting? Sound off in the comments below!

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