Pikachu Butt Charger is a Thing Now

Have you ever looked at your plug sockets and thought to yourself. “man, I really wish Pikachu’s butt was sticking out of these…” Now, that lofty dream can come true. That’s right. The officially licensed Pikachu butt charger is available for purchase… In Japan. Why do they always get the best things? It’s not fair.

In a strange turn of events, Nintendo has released an official Pikachu butt charger following the tremendous success of the unofficial model that released last year. The design is different from that of the unofficial USB charger, however. Instead of featuring the whole of Pikachu’s body, the official Pikachu butt USB charger features only the electric mouse’s lower half. You’ll plug Pikachu’s backside into any good outlet, and plug your USB cable into its belly-button area. Ticklish. Any lower and that USB cable would be in an uncompromising position.

pikachu butt charger

Clearly, this official Pikachu butt charger is more family-friendly than its unofficial counterpart. That one had you plug a cable directly into Pikachu’s ass. Now, that would have been a shock for everyone’s favorite electric mouse. Unfortunately, the officially licensed Pikachu butt USB charger is currently only available for purchase in Japan. However, there is hope that we’ll see the bizarre product hit Western shores. Just let Nintendo know that you want Pikachu’s butt sticking out of your outlets. The fact that this is officially licensed does offer some hope of a worldwide release.

Oh well, at least those of us living in Japan are lucky enough to charge our phones via Pikachu’s derriere. Personally, we hope that the rest of the world will receive the same privilege soon. What’s even better than this butt charger, however, is that it is said to be part of a series. What other Nintendo character behinds would you like to see poking out of your outlets? Waluigi? No? Just us I guess.

Image credit: HYPEBAE