Spider-Man PS4 Has Gone Gold and Is Ready For Release

Spider-Man PS4 has gone gold, with developer Insomniac Games confirming that the upcoming superhero game is now ready for its September 7th release date. Though PS4 owners will stay have to hold on a little while longer to play the game, it’s now ready to hit store shelves and make its way to fans of the friendly neighborhood comic book hero.

The news was revealed on the official Insomniac Games Twitter account, with it being posted alongside an image of Spider-Man sitting behind a desk:

The image is a reference to the infamous Spider-Man desk meme, taken from the ’60s animated series:

spider-man ps4

Spider-Man was announced during Sony’s E3 2016 press conference, with it set to launch exclusively on the PS4. The game will see the hero taking on a number of his most infamous enemies, including the Sinister Six, with it being one of the most highly anticipated games on Sony’s console.

Insomniac also rounded off Sony’s E3 2018 showcase with new footage taken from the game, showing Peter Parker web-slinging his way through its open-world New York setting. Insomniac was previously responsible for the InFamous series, along with the Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive. Known for introducing fluid movement into sandbox games, Spider-Man seems like the ideal IP for Insomniac to take on, with the team even stating that Marvel had offered them the choice of superhero games to work on. Insomniac opted for Spidey.

It was also recently confirmed that Spider-Man won’t feature any characters from The Avengers, with Spider-Man not sharing the spotlight with any other Marvel superheroes. Still, with a wide cast of villains to take on, we’re sure that fans won’t be disappointed by the lack of Iron Man.