Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes Event Kicks Off Tomorrow

It has almost been a year since Destiny 2 first launched and developer Bungie is holding a celebration. The Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes event starts tomorrow and will be free for all players on all platforms. It comes with new armor, weapons, challenges, Triumphs, engrams, and more and will also feature remixed campaign missions. The event runs from July 31 to August 28.

Bungie propositions this as a pseudo anniversary event in its blog post as a celebration for the Guardians from the humans. Ikora Rey, the Tower’s representative, will direct players to the center of the Tower where they can receive and start upgrading the event’s armor. Upgrading armor requires the player to complete certain challenges. Once those challenges have been completed, users will have to return to the Statue of Heroes to begin upgrading the next set.

Remixed campaign missions will be one way armor can be upgraded. Bungie has altered five story missions (Homecoming, Spark, Payback, 1AU, and Chosen), which can all be accessed in the Tower. No other details were given about what would be different in these redux missions.

The final five Triumphs will also be available in the event. Once these challenges are completed, players can turn them in for rewards at the Statue. These come alongside the Solstice Engrams and can be earned by completing event milestones. Some rewards include new Ghosts, guns, emotes, Armor Glows, and Sparrows. The Armor Glows, which are permanently unlocked, can be applied to any of the Solstice of Heroes armor sets and glow brighter when matched with its appropriate subclass.

While not explicitly stated, it’s likely that this faux anniversary event isn’t taking place during the actual anniversary because it would overlap with the launch of Forsaken, Destiny 2‘s next big expansion. Forsaken comes out on September 4, which is only two days before the game hits its one-year mark.