Fortnite Coaches Are Being Hired by Parents to Help Their Kids

If someone had told us Fortnite coaches existed then we’d probably have laughed in your face. In fact, it is highly probable that Fortnite news will forever give an avid reader whiplash, particularly because of the negative stories about Epic Games’ battle royale and how parents can react positively one second and then demand the game to be exterminated from the face of the Earth. That said, even we’re more than a little confused with this development.

While it isn’t uncommon for parents to hire coaches or teachers for their children in order to get better at sports or languages, it seems as though the trend has seeped into video games and parents preparing their children for the world of eSports. Of course, it isn’t that development that confuses us, especially as eSports and streaming is becoming more accepted as a valid profession, rather than the mixed messages being sent by other individuals who feel as though Fortnite is ruining their child’s life.

Nonetheless, according to GameRant, it is simple to find your child a gamer who will take them under their wing and teach them how to become a pro. The moment we clicked on Gamer Sensei we were brought to a page that immediately had Fortnite filled in, almost as if the site knew what we were looking for. Though it became apparent early on in our search that these pros do not come cheap, with some asking to be paid over $30 per hour to teach your child how to play.

As mentioned above, streaming and eSports is becoming more and more popular as time goes on, with eSports, in particular, becoming one of the fastest growing entertainment industry in the world. It would make sense of why some parents would push their child into doing something that they enjoy, even if it is a lot different from sports and languages.

We’re sure John Cena isn’t all that pleased about this news though.