Mafia 3 and Dead By Daylight Are Our PlayStation Plus Games for August

Another month means another batch of PlayStation Plus games. Last month saw us downloading Heavy Rain and Absolver for free. What are the PlayStation Plus August games? Today, Sony has announced what we’ll be playing for free from August 7. It’s a solid month, with Mafia 3 and Dead By Daylight highlighting the list of free games.

While Mafia 3 didn’t set the world on fire with its buggy and repetitive nature, it is a decent open-world game. In it you play as Lincoln Clay. A veteran of the Vietnam War who has just come home after years away in terrible combat. Enact Lincoln’s revenge on the Italian Mafia, who “dealt with” his surrogate family. You’ll create a new family for Lincoln, and team up, destroying those who ruined his life. Our review found Mafia 3 to be “a great game”, but one that felt like it “was rushed to meet deadlines.”

Dead By Daylight is quite a different experience from Mafia 3. This 4v1 horror game puts one player in control of a savage killer, and four as survivors. It’s up to you to escape from the killer’s vile clutches and survive for as long as possible. It’s a fun game, and who can say no to a bit of free online multiplayer?

PlayStation Plus August 2018 Games

Aside from Mafia 3 and Dead By Daylight, there are four more PlayStation Plus games available to download for free from August 9. These are as follows:

  • Bound By Flame (PS3)
  • Serious Sam 3 BFE (PS3)
  • Draw Slasher (PS Vita)
  • Space Hulk (PS Vita)

That’s not all, however. Alongside these six games, Sony are giving us two more free games. PS VR horror title Here They Lie and PlayLink game Knowledge is PowerHere They Lie will be available to download from August 7, through to October 2. We can download Knowledge is Power from August 7, through until November 6.

So there you have it, PlayStation fans. There will be a grand total of eight PlayStation Plus games to download from August 7. You have until then to download this month’s titles at no extra cost.