Nintendo Twitter Hacked by Wario to Promote WarioWare Gold

Seeing the sentence “Nintendo Twitter hacked by Wario” may either fill you with dread or a euphoria like no other, especially if you’ve been a die-hard fan of Wario ever since you caught sight of his luscious mustache and come-hither eyes. Regardless, the appearance of Wario caused concerned from those who weren’t too sure why Wario would take the chance to force his way onto Nintendo’s Twitter. Thankfully, that question was answered minutes later, with this tweet:

Cue everyone thinking that, for some reason or other, Wario’s takeover of the Nintendo Twitter account meant Waluigi was coming to Smash Bros. as a playable character, to let out a sigh of disappointment. Of course, everyone else felt as though that was obvious in the first place but we’re aware of how passionate Waluigi fans can be so we won’t judge. Much.

That said, Wario seems to be keen to spill out as much information as he can about his baby, WarioWare Gold. Not only does he plan to “waaan” us over with his charming personality, but also by sharing the deets such a Super Mario Sunshine level that you can see for yourselves here.

WarioWare Gold recently came out in July this year, and since then has won the hearts and minds of all Nintendo fans out there who are perhaps just a little tired of playing the good guy. The game is only on the Nintendo 3DS so far, and even though it has just released, we’re certain there are some who are willing to wait just in case Nintendo announces a Switch version.