PUBG Mobile Is Getting a Mission Impossible Crossover

PUBG Mobile is going Hollywood with its latest event. The battle royale game is crossing over with Mission Impossible: Fallout for the next few weeks. This month-long event that ends on August 30 features content based around the latest entry into the Mission Impossible franchise such as music from the films, customizable MI themed parachutes, and outfits. In addition to this, the event will let players get involved with new challenges for Team Rush and Survival modes based around the latest Tom Cruise blockbuster.

PUBG Mobile Team General Manager Vincent Wang added in a statement (via VentureBeat) talking about the collaboration.

“Nothing is impossible for PUBG Mobile, the world’s most popular mobile battle royale game — not even a partnership with an iconic movie franchise such as Mission: Impossible…After only a few months on the market, we continue to build our player base for PUBG Mobile while growing our brand with innovative partnerships such as this special in-game event to appeal to a broad range of gamers worldwide.”

This seems like PUBG trying to play catch-up with Fortnite considering the latter also had a crossover with a space-themed nutjob that is in a summer blockbuster. However, this is like a match made in heaven since both properties are based around tense action and ridiculous stunts. Who’s to say how this will go since this is the first crossover event the battle royale game has gone through and whether this will come to any other versions of the game? The month-long event will start with the next update which available to download right now.

But what do you think? Are you excited to somehow play like Ethan Hunt while running towards the center of the map? Or is this too far from the core idea of the game and a little bit tacky? Sound off in the comments below!