Overcooked 2 Release Date has Arrived

After the major success of Ghost Town Games‘ Overcooked, many were eager to see the Overcooked 2 release date arrive. That day is today – Overcooked 2 will be available in a few hours on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC, and players will be returning to the Onion Kingdom for more cooking chaos.

Overcooked saw universal praise and frequent video and livestream coverage for its hectic and entertaining kitchen arcade gameplay that could entertain for hours on end. The Overcooked 2 release date comes today, and it aims to continue this trend but with a whole lot more content, like newer, crazier kitchens and an official throwing mechanic. In Overcooked 2, the Onion King has raised the ‘Unbread’ and tasked you with defeating them by serving good food in high-pressure environments.

Overcooked 2 brings with it a few brand new features that look to improve the original formula. Throwing, previously an unintended consequence of the physics engine, is now an official mechanic that lets you chuck ingredients to your fellow chefs, into cooking apparatus, or just on the floor. There are also a bunch of new recipes that bring with them different pieces of equipment for you to inevitably mess up. The world map is also interactive, and as you navigate around it you can open up new areas using hidden buttons throughout the world.

“After the release of the first game we had thousands of messages from fans around the world hungry for more,” said Phil Duncan, co-founder of developer Ghost Town Games. “We’re extremely happy to work with Team17 to deliver another serving of Overcooked which builds on the first game in every direction.” You can pick up Overcooked 2 in a few hours digitally on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and Steam for $29.99, with boxed versions available for consoles. There’s also a new line of Overcooked merchandise you can get your hands on at Fangamer.