FFXIV Lets Players Hunt Rathalos In New Quest

FFXIV is celebrating its cross-promotion with Monster Hunter World by allowing players to hunt the famous monster in Eorzea. The quest to hunt the Rathalos will be available with the 4.36 patch which is already available for download for the MMORPG.

The quest to hunt the Rathalos, aptly named “The New King on the Block”, requires players to have completed the main Stormblood questline as well as to have reached level 70 to be able to take the task on. If they are ready to face off against the Monster Hunter dragon, players must talk to an NPC called “The Hearty Hunter” in Kugane. The quest concludes with an eight-man fight against the mighty dragon which incorporates some mechanics from the Capcom franchise since “defeating the Rathalos does not grant gear as rewards. Instead, players must carve scales from its remains. ” After players have finished this initial quest, they can then take the Rathalos again, except this time in more extreme conditions where only 4 players at a time can take part in the quest, which is called ‘The Newer King on the Block”.

But what Monster Hunter related quest would it be without rewards? After carving the scales off of the mighty Rathalos, warriors of light can bring them to the smithy back in Kugane. There they can receive a special armor set based on the dragon, a Rathalos mount, a Poogie and a Palico minion, along with Monster Hunter inspired BBQ spits for their households.


This all, of course, comes after Monster Hunter World did its part in the crossover, by letting hunters take down the Behemoth in a quest made available for players recently as well. This crossover between FFXIV and Monster Hunter World hopefully will be a success since it really does seem like a match made in heaven for the two.