Anti-LGBT Dragon Quest Composer Spurs Square Enix Response

Koichi Sugiyama is well known for composing musical masterpieces that are memorable and nostalgia inducing. But it has been revealed that the creativity and open-mindedness of the Dragon Quest composer only seems to apply to his music. An anti-LGBT video of Sugiyama from 2015 has recently resurfaced that revealed some of his regressive views regarding the LGBT community.

This video popped up again due to Sugiyama’s involvement with the Japanese politician, Mio Sugita on the Channel Sakura’s Hi Izuru Kuni Yori program. The episode from 2015 was recently dug up on social media thanks to an article from Sugita about how LGBT support was excessive in Japan, which isn’t the first time she’s stated such a thing. In the program, Sugita speaks about how there is no need for LGBT education or support, even laughing at some moments with Sugiyama as they talk about the absurdity of it. It’s an uncomfortable watch so be warned.

Sugiyama even goes on to agree with Sugita, noting that the lack of children from homosexual couples is a severe issue that needs to be discussed. According to Anime News Network, it isn’t the first time Sugiyama has said something completely abhorrent, as the Dragon Quest composer has even gone as far to oppose the “United States House of Representatives House Resolution 121”, where the resolution asked the Japanese government to apologize about sexual slavery against women during World War II.

As expected, Sugiyama’s views has left fans of Square Enix wondering whether they should even bother to buy the game or even support the franchise in general. When prompted by Anime News Network, Square Enix responded with following quote:

“The views of an individual do not reflect the views nor efforts of the company. Square Enix employs a global multicultural staff of various beliefs, sexual orientation, and gender identities. As a matter of policy, we do not condone discrimination or harassment of any kind and we respect the diversity of sexuality and gender identity of everyone around the world.”

When asked whether Square Enix would cut ties with Sugiyama, they declined to comment. While the company’s intentions may be good, the non-answer received can be seen as pretty off-putting and will undoubtedly irritate some fans.