Dragon Quest Your Story CG movie gets its first trailer

Dragon Quest Your Story is a new CG movie from Japanese animation studio Toei that is coming this summer. The Dragon Quest movie is based on Dragon Quest 5: Hand of the Heavenly Bride from 1992. It was announced in February and just received its first trailer.

Dragon Quest Your Story is a CG movie directed by Ryuichi Yagi and Shin Hanabusa releasing in Japan on August 2. The movie takes Akira Toriyama’s iconic character design into 3D with artistic flourishes adding a more realistic feel to the world. Takashi Yamazaki is credited as the “general director” and screenwriter on the movie’s official Twitter page. Yamazaki directed the incredibly popular Stand by Me Doraemon in 2014.

Square Enix’s Yuji Horii is supervising the production of Dragon Quest Your Story. Horii was the writer and designer for Dragon Quest 5 and also helped with the production of the Nintendo DS and PS2 remakes of the game.

The Dragon Quest series’ Koichi Sugiyama is handling Your Story‘s soundtrack. Sugiyama has produced the soundtracks for every mainline Dragon Quest game, as well as many of the series’ side games and animations.

The movie’s Japanese voice cast was also announced earlier today. There has been no word on an English-language dub, but a subtitled version will likely be seen following the movie’s release.

Dragon Quest Your Story is based on 1992’s Dragon Quest 5. The game sees the hero having to choose a bride, getting married, and raising a family. Other important aspects of the game include a monster recruiting system, and a protracted story taking place over 30 years. The game’s PS2 remake received 3D graphics, while the Nintendo DS remake added a third person for the Hero to marry.

The movie will likely give a canon choice for who the Hero to marry, but could cop-out from doing so. Check out the new trailer for Dragon Quest Your Story below.