Fortnite Android on Samsung Exclusively at Launch

Fortnite for Android is already not going to be on the Google Play store, but some intrepid hackers have found that not all Android devices will get it either. Rumors have only suggested so far that the popular battle royale game will be exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 at launch. However, a leaked APK of the game has revealed that this story might be true.

XDA Developers have gotten hold of a leaked APK of the Android version of Fortnite to obtain this information. They have found that the APK checks for “the mobile GPU, manufacturer, and model to decide whether the device should be allowed to run the game.” From this, the publication has found that only the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy Tab S4 will be able to run the game at launch.

Other Samsung devices are mentioned in the APK as having access to it, however, they cannot launch the game just yet. This is done by the app checking “the device’s brand, code-name, and feature-set” to see if it matches the Galaxy Note 9 or the Tab S4. Additionally, the app will check for the presence of the S Pen, which again limits the game to only be playable on the Galaxy Note 9 or Tab S4.

There is further evidence for this since the APK also includes hints towards Samsung having exclusive install rights. This comes from the fact that the code in the Fortnite Android version “will need the user to have the latest version of Galaxy Apps to be installed”. This means that fans of the battle royale game will only be able to download it from the Samsung app store (at least for now). It is also interesting to note that rumors are currently circulating that this Samsung exclusivity will last for nearly four months. But only time will tell if this will be true.