Multiple Diablo Projects in Development, Blizzard Confirms

The last installment of the Diablo franchise was Diablo 3, and that was way back in 2012. It’s most recent expansion was released just over a year ago, which means that fans haven’t actually been deprived of content. However, they must still be yearning for a new game after spending more than half a decade of playing the same game. Blizzard has confirmed their deepest wishes with not just one new game on the horizon, but by having multiple Diablo projects currently in development.

The news was announced in a video released by Blizzard earlier today, aptly titled “The Future of Diablo.” Community Manager Brandy Camel, also known as Nevalistis, spoke in the video. She started by speaking about Season 14 of Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls, which will be the game’s first Themed Season. After that, she dropped a bombshell by confirming that Blizzard has “multiple Diablo projects in the works.” However, we might not be playing some of them anytime soon, as she adds: “Some of them are going to take longer than others.”

Before any of you become disappointed, Camel teased us again by revealing that Blizzard “may have some things to show you later this year.” That’s very interesting, due to the fact that BlizzCon 2018 will be taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center from November 2 to November 3, 2018. That’s probably the best and most likely time for the developer to officially announced what it has in store for the Diablo franchise.

We already knew that Blizzard had at least one new Diablo game in development. This was thanks to a job listing that was posted earlier in June, revealing that the developer was looking for a Dungeon Artist for an “unannounced project” that has something to do with Diablo. Back then, it could have simply been for an expansion or something similarly minor. Now we know that there was much more to it than we initially thought.