Cuphead Sales Reach 3 Million Units

An indie darling since its unveiling in 2014, Cuphead reached critical acclaim after it launched in September 2017. That critical acclaim has translated into sales since Studio MDHR just announced that Cuphead sales have reached 3 million units in just under a year. To celebrate, the game is now on sale on the Xbox One for $15.99 and the developers will be giving away mystery items on their social channels over the next few days.

This is not the first milestone that the game has achieved. Studio MDHR revealed that Cuphead sales had reached 1 million copies in just a few weeks after its launch and 2 million copies in three months. Selling its third million only took a few weeks shy of eight months. Co-director of Cuphead and Studio MDHR Chad Moldenhauer described his feelings about the game as well as what he liked seeing after its launch.

“Ultimately, we wanted the game’s world to feel like it was bursting with things to uncover,” he said. “This has been one of our greatest joys since the game’s launch: seeing fans dissect, discuss, and share all these moments with one another. There are still one or two extra deep secrets that haven’t been rooted out yet.”

Players will likely return to Cuphead to dig for secrets for the game’s upcoming DLC appropriately titled The Delicious Last Course. It was hinted at before E3 and then revealed on Microsoft’s stage. Studio MDHR is still quiet on its details but we know it will contain new charms, bosses, weapons, and another island of levels.

Ms. Chalice is also the new playable character and, judging by the trailer, will be able to double jump. It is slated to come out at some time during 2019 for Xbox One and PC. Studio MDHR claims that they “still have a couple little tricks up our sleeve before the end of 2018,” so it’s likely that we will hear more about the expansion before the year ends.