Elder Scrolls Online Wolfhunter Expansion Revealed

Bethesda has revealed the latest piece of DLC for The Elder Scrolls Online at QuakeCon 2018. Called The Elder Scrolls Online Wolfhunter, it deals with the forces of the daedric prince Hircine and, as the DLC’s title suggests, will focus primarily on fighting werewolves over two new four-man dungeons. It will be released on August 13 for PC and August 28 on the PS4 and Xbox One.

These new dungeons are detailed as “the stronghold of Moon Hunter Keep” and “the Great Hunt in March of Sacrifices,” where there will be “powerful” new gear and collectibles to be looted. The trailer, which you can see below, shows that the deadly lycanthropes won’t be the only enemies. Although we don’t know how many of these characters are pre-transformation werewolves. We get a good look at that gruesome transformation, along with the towering form of Hircine and many of the new areas in the expansion.

While certainly smaller in size than the previous Elder Scrolls Online expansion Summerset, as it’s being described more as a “DLC Dungeon Pack” than a full expansion, Wolfhunter looks a lot of fun. Bethesda did also give a first look at the next proper story expansion Murkmire, which sends players to the Black Marsh, the home of the dinosaur-like Argonians. This will feature a new area, story, bosses, and more, but it doesn’t have a release date as of yet.

To celebrate this announcement, the game will be holding a free weekend on all platforms. From now until August 15, Elder Scrolls Online and its Morrowind expansion are free on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. While regular ESO has been free-to-play several times, this is the first time the game’s excellent Morrowind expansion has been made part of it. With Wolfhunter and soon Murkmire, it looks like there’s life in ESO yet. Who needs Elder Scrolls VI?