Resident Evil 2 Is Getting A Typewriter Keyboard (In Japan)

The Resident Evil 2 remake is fast approaching its release date and fans are excited. To celebrate this, Capcom has made a keyboard styled after the game franchise’s unique saving system that was introduced in the first game. It is, for now, only available in Japan retailing for ¥ 75,000 (roughly $676) on its own, while an edition bundled with the game reaches a higher price.

The typewriter keyboard is modeled after the Lexington typewriters found in the game. Capcom has partnered with Qwerky Toys to produce these wireless keyboards. Apart from the keyboard by itself, Capcom is also offering other versions of this premium item packed with other goodies. For the keyboard, masking tape based around the ink ribbons needed to save in the game, and a copy of the Resident Evil 2 remake, fans will need to pay ¥82,800 (Roughly $744).

The normal collector’s edition will come with the game, a figure/statue of Leon S. Kennedy, an artbook of the game, a “Special Soundtrack” for the game, code for DLC, a poster depicting the Raccoon City Police station, code for DLC for the game, and the masking tape again. This will retail in Japan for  ¥24,800 (Roughly $224). For the collector’s edition and the keyboard, fans will need to pay a whopping ¥99,800 (which is roughly $900).

This is all well and good, however, there is a cheaper alternative to the Resident Evil 2 themed keyboard (as noted by the Twitter account @TABhusband). Qwerky Toys sells a version of the copywriter-keyboard on, without the Resident Evil branding, for $250. That’s nearly $421 for an Umbrella Corporation and Lexington logo on the wireless keyboard offered by Capcom. Enterprising fans could easily make their own versions of the premium keyboard by purchasing the original wireless keyboard-typewriter and using some creativity (and stickers) to make their own cheaper alternative.

The Resident Evil 2 remake will be released January 25, 2019. You can read our E3 2018 preview of the game here.