WWE 2K19 Showcase Mode Confirmed, Popular Feature Returns

It’s now been confirmed that a WWE 2K19 Showcase Mode is going to feature in the latest addition to the pro wrestling game franchise. It will focus on the recently returned favorite Daniel Bryan, charting his career within the WWE from his humble beginnings to his historic victories. The campaign focusing on the wrestler will differ from previous incarnations, as it will try to emulate the documentaries produced by the WWE and focus Bryan’s perspective on his career. This is the first time since WWE 2K16, released in October 2015, that the mode has been included in a WWE 2K game.

2K Sports announced the return of Showcase Mode with the help of Daniel Bryan at an event held at the wrestler’s high school in Aberdeen, Washington. During the event, 2K and Bryan discussed how the campaign in WWE 2K19 will cover his beginnings in the sports entertainment giant (skipping his work in the independent scene) all the way up to the present day. The game will do this through 11 key matches in Bryan’s career, along with what 2K is calling a “Surprise” match, all of which have a unique in-game model of the wrestler representing how he was at that time. Each of these character models will also have their own unique movesets, appearances, and entrances. The mode will also include “nine historic arenas that featured prominently in Bryan’s career.”

What makes this version of the Showcase Mode unique is the 15 interviews with Daniel Bryan, in which the wrestling superstar comments on each step in his career, all edited together by the WWE production team. On top of this, the game will come with 20 cutscenes “all designed to emphasize the featured moments” in the mode.

WWE 2K19 will be releasing October 9. Unlike last year’s entry into the franchise, the game will not be receiving a port on the Nintendo Switch.