The Walking Dead Episode Release Dates Have Been Revealed

The Walking Dead: The Final Season‘s first episode debuted just yesterday and was met with rave reviews. However, Telltale Games is notorious for having an inconsistent and foggy release schedule after it puts out its first episodes. But today, the developer has made things a bit more clear by announcing The Walking Dead episode release dates for the rest of the season.

Telltale’s tweet detailed exactly when each episode will hit the Switch, PS4, PC, and Xbox One. Suffer the Children arrives on September 25, Broken Toys hits on November 6, and, finally, Take Us Back will cap off the season on December 18. Telltale wants to sprinkle at least a little bit of apocalyptic sorrow on your holiday. The studio also noted, however, that these dates are subject to change.

These solid dates are a bit unusual for Telltale. As was previously mentioned, the dates between the studio’s episodes can be sporadic. For example, The Wolf Among Us debuted on October 13, 2013 but didn’t get a follow up until February 4, 2014. That’s almost four whole months later. Its third episode came out on April 8, 2014 and showed no consistent release pattern after.

The previous season of The Walking Dead also had no set schedule. Its first two episodes came out on December 20, 2016 and the third did not hit until March 28, 2017. The regularity, given the developer adheres to it, of The Walking Dead episode release dates in the final season is hopefully something Telltale takes into its future titles like Stranger Things and The Wolf Among Us Season 2.

Despite knowing when Suffer the Children be available, the wait for it will still be long, if our review of the first episode is anything to go by. Our reviewer (aka me) was intrigued by its slow setup and great character work, something these later installments will likely expand upon and weave into the plot. It was a promising start that and it’ll take 18 weeks to find out if it will be a promising end too.