PUBG Mobile Surpasses 100m Downloads in Just Four Months

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may have a major competitor in the battle royale genre in Fortnite, but it isn’t planning on giving up the fight in meek fashion. Indeed, developer PUBG Corp. and publisher Tencent recently revealed – via Gamasutra – that the mobile version of their smash hit title had surpassed the 100m mark in just four months after it was initially released back in March.

That’s quite some going for a video game that the vast majority had originally played on PC. However, the ability to play PUBG on the go via your smartphone is now making huge strides judging by these latest figures, and those stats could even be far greater than expected given that sales in the Far East – China, Japan and Korea – have yet to be taken into account. As the press release indicates too, PUBG became the “most-downloaded mobile game in more than 100 countries in its first week of availability, becoming one of the fastest games to reach this achievement to date”.

Vincent Wang, General Manager of PUBG’s mobile global publishing team, expressed his thanks to those fans who had helped them to reach that landmark figure is such a short amount of time. He said: “We want to thank our committed development team at Lightspeed and Quantum Studios and especially thank the devoted players around the world that continue to inspire us with their passion and dedication. We will continue to set the bar for mobile gaming and look to deliver even more great contents to our players later this year.”

Given how much mainstream press Fortnite has picked up in recent months – positively or negatively – it’s commendable to see PUBG still plugging away and continuing to offer fierce competition to Epic Games’ runaway success in such sensational fashion. It’ll be extremely interesting to see how PUBG does with Fortnite now being available to all smartphone users on iOS, Google Play, and others.