Bard’s Tale IV Developer Takes Novel Approach to Steam & GOG Retail Price

The latest entry in the Bard’s Tale series – Bard’s Tale IV – is due to land soon, and developers inXile Entertainment have come up with a novel approach to the game’s pricing on Steam. Taking to their official Twitter account on Friday, inXile revealed that it plans to reduce the price of the final product providing that enough gamers add the upcoming title to their wishlist on Valve’s platform or on

As part of the company’s ‘Wishlist Initiative’, inXile plans to knock money off the Bard’s Tale IV: Barrow’s Deep depending on how many players choose to pick it up upon its eventual release. The game’s retail price will drop to $34.95 if 300,000 Valve and GOG users opt in on the proposal, while the price will fall even further to $29.99 if 500,000 or more gamers choose to wishlist it. Additionally, if 100,000 gamers decide to wishlist it to begin with, the torch from Darkest Dungeon – a role playing game developed by Red Hook Studios and released in January 2016 – will be added into the game.

Some people may see this move as a bit of a marketing ploy to drum up support for Bard’s Tale IV but, realistically, it’s a fresh change of pace from a development standpoint. Too often gamers have complained that video game prices are getting a bit too expensive – especially when you take into consideration all of the collector’s editions that are all the rage these days – so it’s good to see one developer taking an active, novel approach to how much they’ll retail a title for.

InXile will also add in some DLC content – The Haernhold – if they eclipse the 500,000 mark as a further incentive for people to at least take an active role in ensuring that they get more bang for their buck. Bard’s Tale IV: Barrow’s Deep is due to be released on September 18 on Linux, macOS and Windows.